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Our approach to user adoption

Is your organization switching to a new online communication tool such as Cisco Webex, Microsoft Teams or Zoom? Or do you already have the tool, but it is not being used optimally? Learning new ways of communicating is not something that comes naturally to everyone. Attention to user adoption is therefore very important.

With our proven successful methodology, we help organizations through the transition from offline to online and hybrid communication. Broad user adoption is essential to get the maximum value out of the online communication tool for your organization!

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We guide your employees in the adoption of online communication

During the adoption process, we go through three phases: prepare, engage and sustain. In the first phase, we determine the strategy. Then we give employees the confidence to get started themselves. The last phase focuses on activating the employees to really start using the live online communication tools - appropriate to their own context - so that they will continue to use them and so that it will generate the desired added value for the entire organization.

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About our methodology

The building blocks of the adoption program

quick scan

Quick scan

An automated quick scan provides insight into what your organization needs. Based on that, we put together a customized program.

training program

Training Program

A select group of users receive interactive live online training in small groups. They have a leading role in the organization, the 'early majority'. You choose the training courses from the catalog, matching the objectives.

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project management

Project management

A project leader from Learning Connected guides the process and maintains contact with the project leader within your organization. Objectives for success are discussed regularly and adjusted if necessary.



Employees will have access to a toolbox of manuals, recorded webinars and other training materials that will be shared after training sessions and webinars. This allows users to access what they have learned at any time.



All users can participate in the webinars. Each adoption process starts with a webinar to bring everyone along, focused on the tool your organization uses. More in-depth webinars will be held during the contract period.

measuring success

Measuring success

Success is measured in four areas: user statistics, employee satisfaction, business results and success stories about the application of your tool within the organization.

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Measuring success

User adoption success is measured in four ways.


Together we analyze how much and by whom the online communication tool(s) are used using the analytics tool in your solution.

Business results

How does the online communication tool affect productivity, quality and costs? Together we determine what results are important for you to measure.


Periodically measure employee satisfaction scores; combined with usage figures, this gives a complete picture.

Success stories

Collect success stories of how the online communication tool is used to solve problems and add value.

Some of our clients

Cisco official partner

Cisco SolutionsPlus Partner

Learning Connected is an official Cisco SolutionsPlus Partner, and we are proud of that!

This means that Cisco has designated us as an official partner to help customers with the successful user adoption of Cisco Collaboration products such as Webex. How do you optimally apply the online communication tool within your organization so that you get the maximum value from it? Our personalized and context-specific adoption process helps organizations achieve successful user adoption.

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Solutions for your sector

online communication care

Video calling with clients or patients

Live online contact with clients or patients requires different skills. In addition to technical knowledge, the soft skills required online are different than healthcare professionals are used to. How do you structure a conversation? What can you do if the patient gets emotional on the other side of the screen? How do you deal with a dominant partner? How do you provide a safe treatment environment? How do you end the conversation?

Our offerings for the healthcare industry

Activating students in online classes

Microsoft Teams in particular is currently widely used to provide students and learners with self-study materials, assignments and video instructions. But preparing, organizing and guiding live online lessons with these tools requires different skills than in a physical setting. This is not just about technology, but rather communication, (group) dynamics and interaction.

Our offer for education
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Collaborating in the online workplace

Are you already making the most of live online and hybrid communications in the workplace? For example, how do you ensure efficient live online meetings, lead your team remotely as a manager and make use of hybrid communication, when one employee is in the office but not the other? Some of the issues within the business world surrounding online communication.

Our offerings for business

Optimizing online communication

Online communication has also become indispensable in government agencies. Digital collaboration contributes to a more sustainable organization and responds to employee demands for more flexibility. In order to perform their work efficiently online, different groups in the organization need different skills. That is why we offer customized solutions.

Our offerings for the public sector

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