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7 MS Teams features for more interactive online meetings

Online meetings have become an important part of how we communicate and collaborate. But sometimes these meetings are a little boring or don't feel right. At Learning Connected, we love helping you make online communication interactive, effective and engaging. In this article, we share our favorite five features of Microsoft Teams

LSD use for excellent telephone customer contact

A good telephone customer call is a powerful way to ensure a positive customer experience. Thus, we described in this article that despite developments of all kinds of new digital communication channels, direct human contact cannot be completely replaced. In this blog, we share tips for creating positive interactions and building good customer relationships.

What is the secret to successful change? People!

For English Scroll Down If you were planning to get on a plane, renovate your living room or start a new career in a completely different field, knowing there was only a 30% chance you would succeed ... would you bother? If your organization needed a new online

Structure online sessions

You may be familiar with the head-to-toe model: a simple method for giving structure to your classes, meetings or treatments. Do you also sometimes give online sessions? Then you can't just copy the format of a physical session one-to-one. What to consider online in this blog! HEAD HEAD HEAD

Showing color: From training to behavior change

For English scroll down Training always aims to change employee behavior. Whether it's about selling a product more effectively, speaking to customers better or using new technological tools correctly: in the end, every training is about learning new knowledge, insight and skills that will

Is telephone customer contact still relevant with the rise of ChatGPT?

For English scroll down Since the introduction of ChatGPT, the impressive capabilities of this new tool have been widely discussed. The chatbot can conduct conversations in a human way and answer questions quickly and efficiently. Companies are now exploring how they can use these developments in their customer service. But to what extent does this work for the

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