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Vacancies: we are hiring!

Vacancies Do you want to be part of a young and dynamic team? Do you have an affinity with online communication? Then maybe we are looking for you! At Learning Connected we guide companies and their employees in the user adoption of online communication tools such as Cisco Webex, MS Teams and Zoom. We engage in innovative projects

Online brainstorming in 7 steps

Welcome to our third blog on online brainstorming. Our first blog highlighted the importance of live online brainstorming, while the second blog focused on optimal preparation. In this last blog, we cover how to successfully conduct an online brainstorming session in 7 steps. Which ones they are you can read below! 1. Start with a good

Preparing an online brainstorm

In our previous blog, we talked about online brainstorming: what it is, why it's great and how difficult it can sometimes be. In this article, we share tips on how to perfectly prepare for your next brainstorming session. Preparation consists of 4 key steps: Formulate a strong starting question Choose a creative brainstorming method Choose

We prefer to brainstorm online!

Many people have mastered online live conversations or meetings. But REAL online collaboration still remains a challenge for many. For brainstorming sessions, for example, we often still prefer to be together physically. But wait a minute! Before we are all together again in a meeting room

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