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Digital Care Youz Online

To make care more accessible, more in tune with the times, and to find a solution to waiting lists, YOUZ child and adolescent psychiatry (part of the Parnassia Group), collaborated with Learning Connected to set up Youz Online. A 100% digital care environment where online therapies are provided to children, adolescents, and their parents. Also, this way of therapy ensures that time and costs are saved.

Within this digital clinic, children, adolescents, and their parents can access:

Live online group meetings as part of the therapy, such as psycho-education groups where there is also live online contact with other children, adolescents, or parents. Courses are offered both during the day and in the evening.

Complete online, individual therapy of the child/youth.

Complete online, individual parent counseling.

An online community where children, youth and parents can ask questions of each other, find information on various topics and share knowledge and experiences.

A self-study environment where the children, youth and their parents can find preparatory assignments and reference materials.

A forum in which mutual contact is made.

The therapists are trained by Learning Connected to be certified Live Online Learning (LOL) Therapists. They set up the sessions and therapies based on our LOL methodology. We also helped to establish the learning platform and the development and design of the online modules in the self-study environment. This is available 24/7 to children, adolescents and parents.

Contact through the Live Online classroom

Through the Live Online classroom, the practitioner interacts with the child, adolescent and/or parents via laptop, tablet or smartphone. We use the video calling program Cisco Webex for this purpose. Online, but with the interaction you are used to in face-to-face meetings. Interaction is central to all treatments. Anyone can follow the treatment from any location. All you need is a computer/laptop, tablet or smartphone with internet connection. View this video to see how a therapy session at Youz works.

Live Online Learning (LOL) allows clients to receive therapy from their own location, in groups and individually. We support you in developing and implementing your digital care solution. Are you interested? Get in touch with us!

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