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Live online education at ROC Mondriaan

Learning Connected has been training and supporting teachers who teach live online, for already more than 10 years. We have trained more than 80 teachers from different schools from ROC Mondriaan to be able to offer live online education. These teachers have been trained and certified to be skilled in creating and performing didactically sound, interactive and structured lessons.

Organizing and guiding live online sessions asks a lot from teachers. It consists of more then only video calling and showing a presentation. How do you create structure and how do you keep your students focused on the subject? Direction, interaction and activating working formats are here the most important ingredients. Live online education is a good alternative for or addition to classic education, provided that it is deployed and performed thoughtfully.

Live Online Learning (LOL) mehod

We trained the teachers of ROC Mondriaan according to our Live Online Learning (LOL) method. The teachers deploy these live online knowledge and communication skills to:

  • Be able to offer parts of their lessons live online in stead of at school. In this way, it is also possible for BBL-students to join all classes in combination with their work;
  • Be able to offer accelerated educations or customization to employed people who want to follow a part of the education online, so they can combine work, school and private more easily;
  • Give better remote guidance to students during their internships and to guide them more regularly;
  • Tutor live online to students who need extra help, among others in the subjects Dutch, English and calculating.
  • Offer optional courses across locations, which makes it possible for relatively small optional courses to be able to continue.

These LOL teachers from ROC Mondriaan already worked ‘corona-proof’ before the corona virus existed. This made the need for a translation from the lesson program to live online lesson a lot easier.

By teaching teachers the needed communication skills, ROC Mondriaan definitely has a step ahead on the competition, in a future where live online education will no longer be a trend but a serious alternative or addition to regular education.

Would you like to learn more about this project or about the live online trainings we offer? Contact us! We will gladly offer our input and discuss the possibilities.

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