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Does your organization use live online communication tools such as Cisco Webex, Microsoft Teams or Zoom? To get the maximum value out of them, it's important that all your employees know how to use them successfully in their day-to-day operations.

Our 100% customized trainings are specifically designed for professionals in business, health, education, and government. With our user adoption programs we help organizations with the transition from offline to online and hybrid communication. Are you ready?

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User Adoption

With our unique approach to user adoption, we guide your organization and your employees through the transition to new ways of communicating online.

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Our training programs are tailored to help your employees learn in a practical way to use new online communication tools in their daily work.
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We guide your employees in the adoption of online communication

The new standard

In all sectors, live online communication is increasingly being used - whenever possible - with all its advantages. Live online communication is more efficient, cost-saving and sustainable.

Online communication skills

This requires live online communcation skills. This is not just about knowing the technical capabilities, but more importantly the soft skills and how to interact with each other in an online session.


We provide personalized focus for different audiences with context-specific training and courses. After all, a teacher teaching online needs different skills than a doctor conducting online patient interviews.

About our methodology

Are you getting the most out of your live online communication tool?

Live online communication tools only provide real added value for your organization if all employees use them and know how best to use them for their work. Of course, this differs per function and market segment. Work with us to make user adoption a success. We'd love to meet with you 💬

Are you ready for the future of online learning and communication?

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Cisco official partner

Cisco SolutionsPlus Partner

Learning Connected is an official Cisco SolutionsPlus Partner, and we are proud of that!

This means that Cisco has designated us as an official partner to help customers with the successful user adoption of Cisco Collaboration products such as Webex. How do you optimally apply the online communication tool within your organization so that you get the maximum value from it? Our personalized and context-specific adoption process helps organizations achieve successful user adoption.

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online communication care

Video calling with clients or patients

Live online contact with clients or patients requires different skills. In addition to technical knowledge, the soft skills required online are different than healthcare professionals are used to. How do you structure a conversation? What can you do if the patient gets emotional on the other side of the screen? How do you deal with a dominant partner? How do you provide a safe treatment environment? How do you end the conversation?

Our offerings for the healthcare industry

Activating students in online classes

Microsoft Teams in particular is currently widely used to provide students and learners with self-study materials, assignments and video instructions. But preparing, organizing and guiding live online lessons with these tools requires different skills than in a physical setting. This is not just about technology, but rather communication, (group) dynamics and interaction.

Our offer for education
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Collaborating in the online workplace

Are you already making the most of live online and hybrid communications in the workplace? For example, how do you ensure efficient live online meetings, lead your team remotely as a manager and make use of hybrid communication, when one employee is in the office but not the other? Some of the issues within the business world surrounding online communication.

Our offerings for business

Optimizing online communication

Online communication has also become indispensable in government agencies. Digital collaboration contributes to a more sustainable organization and responds to employee demands for more flexibility. In order to perform their work efficiently online, different groups in the organization need different skills. That is why we offer customized solutions.

Our offerings for the public sector

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