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With our training courses, we help your staff provide interactive online education

We can no longer avoid online teaching. But getting used to live online teaching can be difficult. Not only are the group dynamics different, but the work formats teachers are used to using no longer achieve the desired results.

With our training programs, we help your teachers experience the joy of teaching online as well. This will enable them to offer their pupils or students qualitative and interactive online education.

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Enable your employees to get started with the new communication tool in no time.

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Offer training on specific and advanced topics that cater to the various user groups and needs in your organization.

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Change is not just about technology. Boost the transition by highlighting the people side of change.

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Fundamental training courses

Everything starts with a solid foundation. Bring all of your employees on board with our training sessions that cover everything they need to get started with Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex or Zoom.

MS Teams Essentials:
Effective meetings and chatting

To get started right away, this training covers all the most important settings and functionalities, such as live meetings, calendar and chat.

Interactive online meetings: Activate your team with MS Teams

This course introduces several interactive features that can make virtual meetings effective and fun. No more boring meetings!

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Collaborating in MS Teams: Share, edit and organize files

To collaborate on documents in MS Teams, it is important to know how to edit files, manage access and use OneDrive and SharePoint.

Webex Essentials:
Effective meetings and chatting

This training covers all the essential tools and features Webex has to offer, from online meetings to chatting and file sharing with colleagues.

Interactive online meetings: Activate your team with Webex

Virtual meetings can be fun! Webex offers a variety of built-in features and settings to make meetings interactive and effective.

Communicating Online with Zoom
Zoom Essentials:
Effective online meetings

In this training, employees learn all the skills they need to find their way around Zoom and successfully conduct online meetings.

Interactive online meetings: Activate your team with Zoom

With the functionalities offered by Zoom to make online meetings interactive, boring and ineffective meetings are a thing of the past.

Specialized trainings

Our specialized training programs are designed to support different user groups. They target specific needs in your organization to help everyone get the most out of the online communication tool.

Designing and implementing online lessons

Live online teaching is in many ways different from classroom teaching. This requires teachers to take a new approach and different skills in designing and implementing their lessons. In this training, we provide teachers and trainers with the key tools to share their expertise online.

Activate your participants live online

Interactive work forms contribute to a greater learning effect and make lessons or training sessions a lot more fun! From our expertise in online learning, we like to share our favorite work forms to create more interaction with and between students or pupils.

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Employees in administrative and support functions must be able to perform specific tasks, such as managing calendars and scheduling and supporting live meetings.

Flipping the Classroom

Efficient online teaching often sounds easier than it is. Do you sometimes find it difficult not to spend the entire class time providing instruction? Would you rather spend more time and space on in-depth instruction? Learn how to "flip" online teaching!

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In most online communication tools you will find additional applications focused on, for example, scheduling or automation, tailored to the professional context of different user groups.

Pimp your PowerPoint

In this training you will learn what makes a good presentation and receive the best tips and tricks to put together a clear and visually appealing presentation yourself. Forget boring slides - the possibilities of PowerPoint are endless!

Interpersonal effectiveness training

Mastering new ways of communicating is not just about technical skills. Teamwork, interpersonal skills and good working relationships are essential for everyone in the organization to embrace the transition. Our training programs empower leaders and teams by focusing on to the human side of change.

Change management

Leadership in times of change is not easy. Our training programs help leaders develop effective communication skills to support digital transformations and deal with resistance within their teams.

Personality types in the workplace

How does our personality influence our work style and attitude toward change? Learning how to best communicate and collaborate with different personality types can help employees embrace change.

Intercultural communication

In international teams, it is essential to be aware of the influence of culture. Understanding colleagues' cultural backgrounds - and our own - can help leaders and teams understand differences and use them in a positive way.

Diversity and inclusion

To ensure that your entire organization supports the change, it is essential that everyone feels involved. Together with our partner Study2Go we offer training that helps promote a diverse and inclusive (online) workplace.

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