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Cisco SolutionsPlus Partner

Learning Connected is an official Cisco SolutionsPlus Partner, and we are proud of that!

This means that Cisco has designated us as an official partner to help customers with the successful user adoption of Cisco Collaboration products such as Webex. How do you best apply the online communication tool within your organization so that you get the maximum value from it? Our personalized and context-driven adoption process helps organizations achieve successful user adoption.

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Cisco official partner

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Are you working with Webex within your organization? Or do you want to start doing so? Switching to these online manners is not a matter of course for everyone. Attention to user adoption is therefore of great importance in order to get the maximum value for your organization from the online communication tool. Effective live online communication via Webex can only be achieved if everyone knows how it works and really gets to work with it. This is not just about technical knowledge, but about how best to use online communication within your sector or field. With our proven successful methodology, we help organizations in this transition from offline to online and hybrid communication. 

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for organizations
Cisco webex partner

Cisco Webex Partners

Are you a Cisco Partner? Then you understand better than anyone the importance of user adoption. Customers are looking for the successful adoption of the technology solutions delivered to them in order to get the máximum business value out of them. Optimal customer experience contributes to customer loyalty - and retention. Activation and retention are key focal points in the customer experience funnel. How do you ensure that customers really get the most out of their Cisco Webex products? With our proven methodology, we increase successful user adoption of Webex within organizations.

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We guide organizations through the transition from offline to online communications

The new standard

In all sectors, live online communication is increasingly used - whenever possible - with all its advantages. Live online communication is more efficient, cost-saving and sustainable.

Online communication skills

This requires live online communcation skills. This is not just about knowing the technical capabilities, but more importantly the soft skills and how to interact with each other in an online session.


We provide personalized focus for different audiences with context-driven training and courses. After all, a teacher teaching online needs different skills than a doctor conducting online patient interviews.

Case study Youz Online

Live online treatment for young clients and parents

Youz Online offers online treatment to children and adolescents with mental health problems and to their parents. To do this well, all therapists attended our training to become live online practitioners. The results? Parents and clients rate their live online group treatments with an 8 and our methodology with an 8.3! And the number of new requests for online treatments per month is rising sharply....

In partnership with Cisco Webex

Talkshow Cisco

Talkshow the 'Communicative Connection'

How do you stay connected to students, learners, employees or patients when you rely on online touch points? In Cisco's talk show, Françoise talks about how Learning Connected helps organizations do just that.

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Our vision of business resilience

In this interview, Françoise addresses Cisco's questions about business resilience. How do you make your employees feel comfortable and confident working online? And what is our vision for the future of live online communication and collaboration?

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We can help you with user adoption of Cisco

Want to know what we can do for you in increasing user adoption, within your organization or as a Cisco Partner? We'd love to tell you more! Plan a meeting with one of our live online communication experts via the button below, or leave your details and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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