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Hybrid Working Whitepaper

How to make hybrid working a success Working from home has taken off since the start of the corona crisis. Where before we sporadically worked from home for a day, by 2020 almost everyone was suddenly forced to sit at home. At the time of writing, the government has partially withdrawn the home working advice. More space has been created to leave the home office behind and spend more time

synchronous hybrid learning

Whitepaper synchronous hybrid learning

What is synchronous hybrid learning and how do you make the most of it in your classes? Schools are partially open again to small groups of pupils and students 1.5 meters away. This presents many teachers with the difficult task of teaching a group of students, a small portion of whom are present in the physical classroom and the rest of whom are attending class online. This
brain learning

Whitepaper Brain Learning

Brain learning: how does our brain work and what does this mean for the design of our live online learning landscape? How can you use the principles of brain learning to make your lesson or training more fun and effective? That is what Hester Hooijen, LOL consultant at Learning Connected, asked herself. She dug into the subject and wrote a white paper about it. In this white paper we explain the

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