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What did you learn this year? Look back on 2023 with our template

The month of December is a time to reflect on what we have learned in the past year, what we have accomplished and our next steps. At Learning Connected, we believe in the power of reflection for lifelong learning and development. To help you with this, we have created a PDF template that you can download and print for free for your year-end reflection!


Click on the image to download the template.


What I learned this year

Take time to reflect on the skills and knowledge you have gained over the past year. You probably learned more than you think! Whether it's a new software program, a better understanding of a topic or improved communication skills, acknowledge your growth and give yourself a pat on the back.

My top accomplishment

Celebrate your victories, big or small! What accomplishment or moment in the past year are you most proud of? It could be completing a successful project, a personal milestone or overcoming a challenge. Recognizing your accomplishments motivates you for the challenges ahead.

Word of the year

Zoom out and consider what word (or phrase) best sums up your experiences, growth and aspirations over the past year. It can be a word that has inspired you, challenged you or formed a common thread through your personal and professional development.

What I unlearned this year

Growth is not just about learning new things; it's also about letting go of old patterns, beliefs or habits. Think about the things you've consciously or unconsciously unlearned in the past year: perhaps you've learned to avoid stressful situations, overcome self-doubt or let go of perfectionism. Unlearning the right things is progress, too!

What I want to learn next year

As you look ahead, set your goals for the coming year. What skills or knowledge do you want to acquire? Whether it is professional development, personal enrichment or a new hobby, formulate what you want to learn so you can be intentional about it in the coming year.

Click here to download the template.

The Learning Connected team wishes you an inspiring end to the year and a new year full of growth!