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Whitepaper synchronous hybrid learning

What is synchronous hybrid learning and how do you make the best use of it in your classes?

Schools are once again partially open to small groups of students and pupils 1.5 meters away. This presents many teachers with the difficult task of teaching a group of students, a small portion of whom are present in the physical classroom and the rest of whom are attending class online. This is also called synchronous hybrid learning called. In this white paper, we explain what synchronous hybrid learning is and give you practical tips for applying it in your own classroom or college.

After the first lockdown in our country, a period of varying measures for schools began. From closed, to partially open and sometimes completely open. This demanded a lot from teachers. They had to - and must - repeatedly shift gears and think about new forms of work and other ways of teaching. Teachers not only had to immerse themselves in the new technological aspects, but above all in new didactics. Teaching online requires a completely different approach and skill set than teaching in a classroom on location. Now that, as a teacher, you sometimes have to deal with a combination of both, hybrid teaching, we would like to help you on your way with practical tips & tricks to make hybrid teaching a success. (Note: this whitepaper is only available in Dutch)

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