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The flipped classroom in your online classes

As a teacher, you may be familiar with "flipping the classroom": flipping the traditional way of teaching. Students go through explanations at home and work during class on tasks that require critical thinking and are often given precisely as homework. Did you know that this method is also ideally suited for online education?

inclusieve online sessies

Inclusive online sessions: participants with disabilities

In your online session, how do you deal with participants who experience sensory limitations? Think of the visually and hearing impaired, but also people who have dyslexia, language difficulties, or cannot see or hear your presentation properly due to ambient noise or technical difficulties. You may not always realize this, but

inclusieve online sessies

Inclusive online sessions: don't let technology get in the way

You've probably mastered video calling yourself and your camera and microphone are working well. But what about the participants in your online session? There are always people who find video calling with a computer or phone difficult, experience technical difficulties or have fewer options because they participate via a phone

inclusie online sessie

Inclusive online sessions: involve all participants

Online sessions are often more accessible than on-site meetings. For example, you don't have travel time and costs, and there are many digital tools that help you collaborate effectively online. But, as with offline sessions, it is important to ensure that all participants can actively participate and you have everyone with you.

Online Communication Consultant & Trainer

Vacancy: Online Trainer

Are you a real (online) communication pro, do you have didactic skills and do you like to train? Are you creative and do you enjoy developing training courses - either independently or together with our ambitious team? And can you enthuse participants like no other for new ways of learning and working? Then this is the

Interactive workflows in your live online treatment

Do you give individual or group treatments, or do you counsel children, adolescents and/or parents? Then one thing is certain: interactive work formats cannot be missing from your live online treatment! In this blog, Sophie tells you about the added value of interactive work formats and introduces two work formats that you can apply right away in

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