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Is telephone customer contact still relevant with the rise of ChatGPT?

For English scroll down Since the introduction of ChatGPT, the impressive capabilities of this new tool have been widely discussed. The chatbot can conduct conversations in a human way and answer questions quickly and efficiently. Companies are now exploring how they can use these developments in their customer service. But to what extent does this work for the

5 ways to use the annotation tool in Webex Meetings

For English scroll down Do you regularly use video calling programs such as MS Teams, Zoom or Webex Meetings? Then you know that these programs have many different buttons and functions. One of them is the use of annotation tools, which allow you to draw on the screen. How can you use these on a

Humor in the workplace

For English scroll down Should we use humor in the workplace? There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this as there are many sides to it. Yes, using humor appropriately can be a challenge, but if it is used appropriately in the workplace then it can have many positive

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Learning Connected is an official Cisco SolutionsPlus Partner

Learning Connected is an official Cisco SolutionsPlus Partner! For many years we have been helping organizations deploy (live) online communication and have partnered with Cisco, market leader in online collaboration tools. Today we are taking the next step in this special partnership. In fact, Learning Connected is the first SolutionsPlus Partner worldwide to offer a service -

The flipped classroom in your online classes

As a teacher, you may be familiar with "flipping the classroom": flipping the traditional way of teaching. Students go through explanations at home and work during class on tasks that require critical thinking and are often given precisely as homework. Did you know that this method is also ideally suited for online education?

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