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Flipping the Classroom Workshop

Teaching online efficiently often sounds easier than it is. Do you sometimes find it difficult not to spend your entire class time giving instruction? Would you prefer to spend more time and space on depth? And would you like to have more active and engaged students in your class? After following the workshop Flipping the Classroom Are you ready to change course!

Flipping the classroom is a term you hear more and more often in education land. What exactly does it entail? And why is it so effective? Learn what the concept means and what added value it can have for your classes. In this workshop, you will work in 2 hours - led by an experienced expert in online communication - with the basic principles of this concept and its implementation.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this workshop, you will be able to...

  • Develop and deploy online instructional materials
  • Name and apply the pedagogical-didactic model of Flipping the Classroom
  • Name and apply the 4 phases of turning the class around

This workshop consists of 1 live online session of 2 hours and upon completion of the workshop, participants will receive a certificate of participation.

LOL Academy

You follow the live online sessions via the LOL-academy. This is the training platform of Learning Connected, where we have bundled all our knowledge about live online communication. When you follow a training or workshop with us, you will have access to the LOL-academy as a participant:

  • All manuals & instructions about live online communication
  • Information about the training or workshop and assignments you can work with yourself
  • A calendar of upcoming sessions so you can participate quickly and easily.
  • Contact information for your LOL colleagues via the Wall of Fame; this way you can connect with someone in your specialty or field to exchange ideas and tips.


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Teachers who want to start using Flipping the Classroom

Live online sessions

This workshop consists of 1 live online session of 2 hours


The price of this workshop is €125,- excl.


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