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Learning Connected is an official Cisco SolutionsPlus Partner

Learning Connected is an official Cisco SolutionsPlus Partner! For many years we have been helping organizations deploy (live) online communication and have partnered with Cisco, market leader in online collaboration tools. Today we are taking the next step in this special partnership. In fact, Learning Connected is the first SolutionsPlus Partner worldwide to offer a service - in the form of a user adoption program. With this, Cisco recognizes the importance of user adoption and appoints Learning Connected as an official partner to support its customers in this. And we are proud of that!

SolutionsPlus Partners offer a select set of tested "Cisco Compatible" products on Cisco Systems' global price list. This makes it easy for customers to find and purchase products and services that have been tested and approved by Cisco. Learning Connected's service in the SolutionsPlus program focuses on successful user adoption of Cisco Webex collaboration tools within organizations.

The user adoption program we developed is focused on the field and offers different solutions for different audiences (government, commercial, education and healthcare). After all, a teacher who teaches online needs different skills than a doctor who gives an online consultation. The user adoption program consists of six building blocks: a quick scan, training program, project management, a toolbox, webinars and measuring success. By looking at each organization's context and challenges and tailoring the adoption program accordingly, we achieve the best results for each organization.

Live online communication, work and collaboration is the "new standard" in more and more industries, thanks in part to its many benefits. Online communication is more efficient, cost-effective and sustainable. But, moving to online ways of communicating, working and collaborating is not obvious to everyone. We designed a context-driven adoption program, with solutions for different target groups. After all, a teacher teaching online needs different skills than a doctor performing online consultations. With our personalized and context-driven program, we help organizations in the transition from offline to online and hybrid communication with Cisco Webex.

Our CEO, Françoise Wiedenhoff, says of the partnership with Cisco:

"More and more organizations are shifting to online ways of communicating and collaborating, and Cisco is one of the global leaders in facilitating organizations in this. But just having the right tools won't get you there. Communicating and collaborating in an online/hybrid setting differs in many ways from an offline setting. Cisco customers want to successfully use the tools to solve their business challenges. Webex only adds value within your organization if all employees know how it works and actually use it. With this partnership, Cisco also recognizes the importance of user adoption!"

Cisco's Collaboration Country leader Jan Roggeveen says the following about our cooperation:

"I am very excited that we finally have a SolutionsPlus partner that eI am very excited that we finally have a SolutionsPlus partner that offers only customized remote training for end users. We have been working with Learning Connected for years and they have proven to be of value in user adoption and therein bring out the added value of the Webex platform in the work process."

The user adoption program will be available to all Cisco customers, partners and sales teams worldwide starting November 2022 and available on Cisco's Global Price List (GPL).

Want to learn more about our partnership with Cisco Webex? Check out here the article.