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LSD use for excellent telephone customer contact

A good telephone customer call is a powerful way to ensure a positive customer experience. Thus, we described in this article that despite developments of all kinds of new digital communication channels, direct human contact cannot be completely replaced. In this blog, we share tips for the

Creating structure in online sessions

You may be familiar with the head-to-toe model: a simple method for giving structure to your classes, meetings or treatments. Do you also sometimes give online sessions? Then you can't just copy the format of a physical session one-to-one. What to consider online

5 ways to use the annotation tool in Webex Meetings

Do you regularly use video calling programs such as MS Teams, Zoom or Webex Meetings? Then you know that these programs have many different buttons and functions. One of them is the use of annotation tools, which allow you to draw on the screen. How

Humor in (Online) Work Communication

Should we use humor in the workplace? There is no ready answer to this as there are many different sides to it. Yes, using humor appropriately can be challenging, but if it is used appropriately in the

The flipped classroom in your online classes

As a teacher, you may be familiar with "flipping the classroom": flipping the traditional way of teaching. Students go over explanations at home and work during class on tasks that require critical thinking and are often given precisely as homework. Did you know