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creatief gebruik van chat

5 x creative uses of chat during your online session

Chatting during an online session. Everyone knows it can be done, but the effort usually turns out to be limited to asking questions to the host. Too bad, because this chat tool that is available by default in all live online communication platforms offers many opportunities to make your session

Webex Meetings

Our 5 favorite apps in Webex Meetings

Sharing content, using emoticons, annotating, raising your hand... Have you mastered the basic functions in Webex Meetings a little? Then you are already doing well! But did you know that there are many more possibilities to make an online session even more fun, efficient and interactive?

fysieke les ombouwen naar online variant

How do you convert your physical class to an online class?

You were just getting back into the swing of things with your physical classes... Now, however, education is facing new measures. For you, this probably means that classes and lectures will have to take place online again. You probably already noticed in the previous lockdown(s)

live online annoteren werkvormen en tools

Live online annotating: the best work formats & tools

Annotating = Better Learning Many live online video calling apps, such as Webex and Zoom, have an included tool that allows you to draw on a blackboard or on the shared screen. Drawing and annotating offer the presenter countless opportunities to make any live online session more creative and interactive

Beste videobel-tool om te gebruiken

Which video calling app is the best fit for you?

Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Cisco Webex Meetings Compared Whether it's online education, online meetings, online treatment or online catching up with friends or family - almost everyone has been exposed to video calling in the past year due to the ongoing coronation measures. For this