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Did you know that with PowerPoint you can design and record a knowledge clip from A to Z? The great thing is that you can instantly transform your existing presentation into an educational video. A knowledge clip is a short video of up to 10 minutes in which you explain a specific subject. Think of a tricky formula, a certain concept or method, or a subject that students are still struggling with. Would you like to learn how to incorporate this information into a short, concise and substantive knowledge clip?

Teachers can record the knowledge clips in advance, and students can watch them at their convenience. This is a great addition to the lectures and lessons.

In this workshop we will give you the ingredients of a good knowledge clip and how it can complement your lessons or lectures. You will also learn how to use supporting images in the clips and how to present yourself on camera. The time you have left in your live online session, because you explain difficult concepts in the knowledge clips, can be used to interact with students!

After this workshop, you will know how to record an interesting knowledge clip and be able to start working on it right away.

The following topics are covered:

✓ What is a knowledge clip and in what ways do you deploy it?

✓ Use of supporting imagery

✓ How to use PowerPoint's features to make your knowledge clips the best they can be

✓ Tips & tricks for including the knowledge clip in PowerPoint

Upon completion of the workshop, participants will receive a certificate of participation.

LOL Academy

The live online sessions you follow through the LOL academy. This is Learning Connected's training platform, where we have combined all our knowledge about live online communication. When you attend a training or workshop with us, you will have access in the LOL-academy as a participant to:

  • Manuals & instructions on communicating live online
  • Information about the training or workshop and assignments you can work with yourself
  • A calendar of upcoming sessions so you can participate quickly and easily.
  • Contact information for your LOL colleagues via the Wall of Fame; this way you can connect with someone in your specialty or field to exchange ideas and tips.


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For whom.

Educators and trainers who want to explain a specific topic in a short knowledge clip

Live online sessions

This workshop consists of 1 live online session of 2 hours


The price of this workshop is €125,- excl.


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