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Study2Go is the live online training platform for mental health professionals. The platform is committed to the ongoing development of employees in a constantly changing field. In collaboration with Learning Connected, they offer training through the innovative method that combines the best of e-learning and classroom learning: our live online learning (LOL) methodology.

Learning through the LOL classroom, and beyond

Study2Go's LOL trainers are trained by Learning Connected. Also, the content of the sessions is shaped by our Live Online Learning (LOL) methodology. The trainers deliver live online courses, training sessions or peer reviews to professionals. In small groups of up to 12 participants, they work interactively with each other on assignments, discuss their own contributed case histories, give each other feedback and receive knowledge from the expert. But the learning goes beyond the LOL classroom. On the platform, they prepare for class using self-study materials, uploading assignments for review and taking tests. After the course, participating professionals stay in touch with each other and Study2Go's experts through the community.

Benefits of Live Online Learning

Consider, for example, the benefits for general practitioners of being able to take accredited courses live online, just from their general practice. Or teachers who can follow a live online course on autism or adhd in the classroom. A course on responsible serving of alcohol for catering staff, or culture-sensitive working for professionals in district teams and municipalities. And also online coaching programs or intervision meetings for their own staff to properly deal with clients. Because participants and experts do not have to travel for the live online courses, this also saves 337 kg of CO2 emissions per person per year.

Development through contact with experts & peers

Study2Go works to create an environment where professionals are provided with the right knowledge and can continuously develop through contact with experts and peers. Learning Connected has already trained 75 LOL trainers for Study2Go. This is all part of early detection, better referral and bringing care quickly, easily accessible and close by.

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