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What is Live Online learning (LOL)?


In these days everyone wants to be able to develop quickly and efficiently. We make the sharing of knowledge approachable and accessible for everyone by making use of live online communication.

Social and interactive

More people learn and work online, making communication more and more individualistic. Learning theories show how learning from and with each other is essential.


Save time and money through online communication, learning and meeting.


There is a huge need for sustainability. Due to unnecessary traveling by experts and students, there is a lot of pollution. All of our courses are live online, so you can join wherever you are in the world.

How does Live Online Learning work?

We are learning and communicating increasingly online. But how do you
get the best return from this? When you communicate online, you need
other skills then you are used to, next to technical skills.

Effective and sustainable

Learning theories show how learning with and from each other is essential. Based on literature and our own experiences, we developed the Live Online Learning (LOL) Method. In the LOL Method, interaction is key. The great thing is, that when you are using our LOL method, you are not only communicating more efficient and effective, but you are also contributing to a more sustainable world. Due to unnecessary travel by experts and students, there is a lot of pollution. Thanks to the possibilities of Live Online Learning, you can lower your and your companies CO2 emissions.

The possibilities of Live Online Learning

Do you want more effective and efficient online meetings within your organization? Or would you like to start to teach online? Then you can learn how to shape and perform your sessions didactically sound. Do you work in mental healthcare? We can teach you how you can give online group treatments effectively. And we have many more possibilities!

So, also you can start quickly to reach your target group online! We offer LOL trainings which are certified according to the ISO-norm (NEN-EN ISO 17024:2012) for person certification. Also, we offer short workshops and trainings to develop the right set of knowledge and skills, which you can implement in practice directly.