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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to participate in a live online session?

Anyone can participate in an LOL session. You need a few things:

1. A computer or laptop* with a sound card.
2. (Preferably) a working headset (smartphone earbuds will also do) with microphone and webcam.
3. A stable Internet connection. Recommended is a fixed connection between the computer and the router. 
4. Rights to install software on the computer or laptop and to change settings on the audio.

If you want to participate from your work location and/or with a work computer, please note that the ICT department may first need to ensure that you are allowed to install the necessary software and that you can participate in the session via an open network connection. If in doubt, contact your ICT department. Make sure that during the session you are in a quiet room where you can talk out loud to the other participants.

* Via tablet and smartphone is also possible, but not preferred.

When you sign up for a course, you always participate in a 'test session' prior to your first session. Here we check if the above points are working properly and we solve any problems. In addition, we also give you a brief explanation of the LOL classroom. This way you are well prepared to participate in your LOL course.

Can you also take the course via a Chromebook, tablet or smartphone?

Yes, you certainly can!

However, a laptop is preferred as the online classroom capabilities are more extensive there. Don't have a laptop on fixed computer with microphone and/or camera? Then a Chromebook, tablet or smartphone is a good alternative. To participate you only need to install an app.

What is the difference between Live Online Learning and an e-learning?

In a Live Online Learning (LOL) training course, contact with experts and fellow students is central. This is often what is missing from an e-learning. E-learning, on the other hand, can be a part of an LOL training, but it will be used as self-study material. In addition to self-study, live online sessions in an LOL training course also take place where there is live contact with an expert and fellow students.

What is the difference between Live Online Learning and a webinar?

In a Live Online Learning (LOL) training course, interaction is key. This is often what is missing from a webinar. Through various online tools in the LOL classroom, you, the student, are continuously involved in the course. Various interactive assignments keep you focused and motivated to participate. It is not one-way traffic, but you as a student have a big influence on the course of the session. Moreover, you follow the course in small groups.

Are all the courses you offer online?

Yes, all of our courses are delivered live online. This means that you can take the course from your own chosen location (home, work or even on vacation), but with the interaction you are used to from classroom courses.

What is L(ive) O(nline) L(eren)?

LOL stands for Live Online Learning. Online learning but with the desired interaction with an expert and fellow learners.

Want to know more? Then check out this page.

When does the training/workshop start?

Most courses are started monthly. The exact start date is displayed on the training page.

Is there no date listed there? Then we will form a group as soon as there are enough registrations. You can simply purchase the course and Learning Connected will contact you to coordinate dates.

Have you already formed a group, with colleagues for example? Then we can jointly plan a date that is convenient for you. Please contact us at or 020 244 15 62.

Can I also attend a training/workshop together with colleagues's?

You certainly can! You can register individually, but also as a group. If you want to participate as a group, we will gladly plan the (start) date and time of the training together with you. This is also possible in the evenings.

Want to participate with a group, or organize an in-company training? Then contact us using the options below or the chat function.


T: +31 (0)20 244 15 62

Do you have any questions?

Please contact us using one of the options below. We'd love to help you out!

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