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Live Online Learning (LOL) Trainings

Want to know how our live online trainings work? Here we explain what LOL means and how it works.

How do you create an interactive online session?

€250 excl. VAT

Do you find it difficult to create a good working method for your online session? We are happy to help you on your way!

Convincing online presentation

€600 excl. VAT

Do you want to develop your presentation skills? Follow our live online training for a convincing presentation!

Managing remote teams and employees

€1.280 excl. VAT

Learn about the difference between leading ‘physical’ and virtual teams and how to generate better team results.

Basic skills video conferencing tools

€250 excl. VAT

In this training you will learn the basic skills of the tool you are using, for example Zoom, Adobe Connect, Webex or Microsoft Teams.

International online communication

€640 excl. VAT

In a global business environment, one sometimes comes across cultural differences in communication. How do you deal with that? Learn it in this training!

How to give an interactive webinar?

€250 excl. VAT
Would you like to learn how to involve a large audience in your webinar in an interactive way? Then follow the live online training Interactive webinars now!