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LOL with Academic Workshops Transformation Youth

Since 2015, professionals have had the opportunity to develop themselves in the field of cultural sensitivity through LOL. In order to try to solve the problem that children with a non-western background and psychological problems often do not receive the right help in time, we developed the course ‘Culture sensitive work and early detection of mild intellectual disabilities and mental health problems with immigrant youth’. This was the starting point for many more great training courses, theme sessions and collaborations.

In 2020, all theme sessions within the LOL project with Academic Workshops Transformation Youth will again be offered with ZonMw subsidy to a large group of professionals within youth aid, municipalities, district teams and education. In this way, professionals will have the opportunity to continue to develop themselves in the field of cultural sensitivity within their work, and the knowledge and material developed in recent years will continue to be maintained. We would like to inform you about the latest developments!

Enthusiastic reactions

We have been working on this project since the beginning of this spring. All theme sessions have been offered to a group of 70 professionals. We also trained new experts to become LOL speakers and these experts, in collaboration with Learning Connected, designed new theme sessions. These theme sessions will be offered from the beginning of September. The theme sessions have been well attended over the past few months. From the first evaluations, the following positive reactions have emerged:

  • 93% of the participants indicate that they can actually put into practice what they have learned in the theme sessions. Above all, they indicate that they are more aware of culture-sensitive issues and adopt a different approach in conversations with clients.
  • 79% of the participants give the content of the theme sessions an 8 or higher!
  • 57% of the participants give Live Online Learning as a way of gaining and exchanging knowledge an 8. And 29% even give a 9!

Project StandUp

During the project StandUp, the forerunner at LOL with the Academic Workshops Transformation Youth, we also designed two courses in 2019 for young people with psychological problems and a migration background and the parents of this target group. In the spring we gave this training to five groups! We developed these training courses in collaboration with the foundation Educators Health, young experienced experts of the project ‘Koplopers ST-RAW’, partner of the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences and of the project main issues of the NJR. The goal of these trainings is to promote self-reliance and recovery. There were also very positive reactions from the youth who participated. This autumn we offer these courses again for new groups!

Would you like to know more about working in a culture-sensitive way? Click here. Or contact project leader Kristel Logghe.

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