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Jamal Arrindell (YOUZ): “So many possibilities with live online training and therapy”

Jamal Arrindell provides training and guidance to clients at Youz in the prevention team. Due to the COVID-19 virus he could no longer meet his groups and clients on location. Jamal and his team were looking for a professional solution to re-establish contact. They followed the accelerated training for live online group and individual treatments via Live Online Care at Learning Connected. We asked Jamal about his experiences and how he uses the training in practice today!

How did you experience the live online training?

“I found it very exciting in the beginning. I had heard a lot about online courses, but to be honest, I was a bit skeptical about online therapy. Fortunately, I was able to adapt quickly to online learning and had no problems with the technical aspects. We were given enough time to try the material from the training in practice and to make our assignments. If it worked differently for me in practice, or if I had any questions about that, I could refer back to that in the next training session. That worked very well for me!”

How do you apply what you’ve learned from the course?

“After the course, we completely translated five of our courses into online courses, including homework, knowledge tests, information tools and videos in the online environment. We started giving the live online training and therapies halfway May. Participants also find it very exciting at the beginning and it requires some preparation for the technical aspects. Once everything works, the reactions are really positive! In the sessions we have included a lot of interactive PowerPoints with different assignments. Participants can draw something, write down, think about questions, and share experiences with each other. The most important thing is that our clients are also very happy that the training is able to continue, despite the Corona measures. We want to help them through this difficult period and keep in touch as best as we can.”

What are the key benefits of live online therapy for you?

“A huge advantage is that you can see a lot more emotions with participants and clients via video calls than over the phone. A great thing about the online environment is that there are so many features and functions, unlike other video calling services. You can prepare videos and files, add links and PowerPoints. You can set up homework in advance and choose a date when it will be published. That’s working out for me very well. I also have more one on one contact within the group therapies now. We can monitor how much time participants spend on homework per individual through the online learning environment. This way you can see more clearly per participant who hasn’t done anything yet, sometimes because they find it difficult or need extra help. But also during a training you can more easily ask if someone wants to stay in for a bit longer. The participant is at home and doesn’t have to leave in a hurry. And I don’t have to clean up any space myself, so I can spend that time on participants. In individual therapies I especially see many advantages in doing homework online and watching short videos”.

How do you envisage giving online training and treatments in the future?

“We’ll definitely take this with us in the future! It works great to do the assignments online. And online courses also work perfectly well for participants who, for some reason, are unable to attend. I had a participant the other day who broke her leg. For her it’s great that she can follow the training online! But I also like face to face contact. I think we are moving more towards a combination of online therapy and training and physical meetings. For example, I can imagine that we offer homework support online and that we will give a couple of trainings online from a course. This also saves costs and time. You don’t have to travel and you don’t need a physical space. We now have 5 courses available online. Also for other courses we are now looking if we can do more online! To make it easier and more accessible for participants to follow a training or therapy.’’

Do you have any tips for therapists/trainers who start live online training and therapy?

“Most importantly, it’s not scary! I found it very exciting myself in the beginning. I was also concerned about the privacy of the groups and clients. For example, we have contact with children about difficulties in the home situation. Sometimes they can’t speak freely at home with their parents around. But we became very creative in our search for solutions. For example, we agreed on code words and made good arrangements with parents to give their children that space as well. Once this is done right, the live online contact works great. I’ve noticed that you can find a solution for everything, as long as you’re creative. And do you work with a team to create live online courses? Then help each other. Together you’ll come up with great ideas!”


Do you want to start live online training and therapy just like Jamal and his team? Then please contact us! We are happy to help you.

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