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Digital education

We support you in developing and implementing your project, by which you want to improve learning within your organization through innovation.

School community ROC Mondriaan wants to optimize the link between education and the changing labor market by means of the Extra Strong project. Learning Connected Connected is a partner in this project.

The aim of Learning Connected in this project is to connect practise and education with the use of technological innovations. To achieve this the LOL-environment is used and learning is shaped according to the LOL-methology.

Almost eighty teachers and trainers from ROC Mondriaan and trainers from affiliated care institutions are being (and already are) trained as LOL trainers. These teachers and trainers have, together with Learning Connected, set up the Online School.

The Online School is available to students and teachers/proffesionals 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and can be accessed from different devices. So students can login when it suits them best.

The facilities within the Online School contribute to an interactive learning environment that ensures a higher learning efficiency. Interaction is an essential part of the learning process. Knowledge is increased and brought to application level. Some examples of learning within the Online School:

✓ Better contact between school and internships/jobs for students who follow a BOL or BBL track;

✓ Live online tutoring, which students can follow from home;

✓ Parts of the curriculum have been converted to live online lessons, making it more feasible for BBL students to follow all lessons in combination with their work.

✓ Parts of the curriculum of the subjects Dutch, English arithmetic have been converted to live online lessons, ensuring a better differentiation

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