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Digital care Youz Online

To make healthcare more accessible, more appropriate for today and to find a solution for waiting lists, YOUZ child and youth psychiatry (part of the Parnassia Group) started Youz Online in collaboration with Learning Connected. A 100% digital care environment where online treatments are given to children, teenagers and their parents. This way of treatment also saves time and costs.

Children, youth and their parents can come to this online outpatient clinic for:

Live online group meetings, as part of a treatment, like psycho education groups where there is also live online contact with other children, youth or parents. The courses are being offered both during daytime as in the evening.

Complete online, individual treatment of a child/youth.

Complete online, individual guidance for parents.

An online community where children, youth and their parents can ask each other questions, where they can find information about different themes and where they can share knowledge and experiences with each other.

A self-study environment where children, youth and their parents can find preparatory assignments and reference work.

A forum where one can make mutual contact.

The therapists have been trained by Learning Connected and certified to a Live Online Learning Therapist, and they structure their sessions and treatments according to our Live Online Learning method. Also, we guided them in starting the learning platform and in the development and design of online modules in the self-study environment. This is 24/7 available for the kids, youth and parents.

Contact via the Live Online Classroom

The therapist is in contact with the child, youth and/or parents via the Live Online classroom via laptop, tablet or smartphone. Online, but with the interaction you are used to at face-to-face meetings. Interaction is central in all the treatments. Everyone can follow the treatment from any location. The only thing you need, is a computer/laptop, tablet or smartphone with an internet connection. Watch the demo video we made for Youz to see how a treatment session works.

Live Online Learning (LOL) makes it possible for clients to follow therapy from their own location, in groups and individual. We support you in the design and implementation of your digital healthcare solution. Are you interested? Contact us!

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