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Culture sensitive work

Culture sensitive work

Children with a non-western background and psychological problems often do not receive help in time, and they often do not receive the right help either. The municipality of Rotterdam wanted to do something about this. In 2015 they developed the course ‘Culture sensitive work and early detection of mild intellectual disabilities and mental health problems with immigrant youth’, in collaboration with Learning Connected, Pharos, Lucertis, i-Psy, MEE and ST-RAW. Learning Connected guided the process of designing the training and taught the trainers to how to teach live online.Since 2016, already more than 600 professionals have participated in this course.

Positive experiences

After the first positive experiences in 2016 and 2017, ST-RAW decided to join forces with two other Academic Workshops Youth, Inside Out in Nijmegen and Academic Workshop Youth Risk Youth, and applied for a subsidy. With this subsidy, more trainers could be educated, more than 300 professionals from 50 municipalities were able to follow the course within 3 years, and two new courses have been designed, namely: ‘Street culture and social media behavior in risk youth’ and ‘Dealing with multi-problem families’. Learning Connected educated the trainers, provided support to the participants and supervised the design of the theme sessions.

Project StandUp

It did not end here. In 2018, Learning Connected and Youz started the project StandUp, in collaboration with 3 Academic Workshops Youth and financed by ZonMw. In this project, healthcare professionals were receiving intensive live online guidance in the area of culture sensitive work, for one year. First, the healthcare professionals followed the basic course about culture sensitive work. Thereafter they were able to follow many different theme sessions, with topics like multi-problem families, risk youth and social media, alternative therapies, identity building and many more. The theme sessions were given by experts and experience experts, trained by Learning Connected.

LOL-training ‘Self-relience’

We also developed a LOL-training for youth with mental health issues and an immigrant background, and for the parents or this target group. We developed this training in collaboration with Stichting Voorlichters Gezondheid, with experience experts of the project Koplopers ST-RAW, with partner Hogeschool Rotterdam and of the project Hoofdzaken from the NJR. The goal of these trainings is to foster self-relience and recovery. This training has been given to different groups of youth from the target group in the spring of 2020.

Educating experience experts to LOL-speaker

We also educated three young experience experts to LOL-speaker, and they developed their own LOL-training. In these trainings, the adolescents share their expertise and experiences with professionals from the field of youth assistance and from social district teams. These trainings leave a deep impression with the participants.

Sustainability of the trainings and knowledge

To ensure that the developed trainings and the knowledge acquired will not be lost, the trainings for professionals are also offered via Study2Go, the live online learning platform for professionals in mental healthcare. The courses that we developed for youth with mental health issues and their parents, will be included in the Digi Poli Youth of Youz. In this way, it will be possible for participants from the entire country to follow this course in an accessible way, live online. In 2020 we will again offer all the developed theme sessions, with subsidy from ZonMw, to a big group of professionals within youth assistance, municipalities, social district teams and education, in the project LOL with Academic Workshops Transformation Youth. Also, Learning Connected will stay involved in the process of designing new theme sessions.

Making knowledge about culture sensitive work accessible

With all the courses that have been developed and offered, we offer professionals in youth care, social district teams, municipalities and education the opportunity to develop themselves in their culture sensitive work. This enables them to better respond to the problems within their target group. With the live online trainings, we make knowledge about the subject more accessible and more available for professionals.  Together with our partners, we work to improve the help for children with a non-western background and psychological problems.


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