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COVID-19 courses

Due to COVID-19, it is necessary for many organizations to make a quick transition to online communication. Teachers, trainers and healthcare professionals must immediately switch to online teaching and treatment options, such as video calling and interactive group sessions. In the business sector, too, there is a fast shift to online communication. Meetings and presentations mainly take place online when employees work from home. But how do you deal with this effectively? After all, online communication requires different skills than you are normally used to. We are happy to help you with our training courses to communicate effectively live online. Now also in fast-track programs, so you can get started right away!

Want to know more about the possibilities? We are happy to discuss it with you! Please contact us.

Convincing online presentation

€600 excl. VAT

Do you want to develop your presentation skills? Follow our live online training for a convincing presentation

Teaching effectively live online

€375 excl. VAT

Learn how to teach your students effectively live online using online communication tools.

Digital care courses

Are you a healthcare professional and looking for online ways to contact patients? Take a look at our training courses.

Live online meetings in no time!

€160 excl. VAT

Learn how to organize a fun, efficient and effective live online meeting.

How do you make attractive teaching materials?

€100 excl. VAT

Learn how you can easily design your teaching material and make it more attractive.