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Live Online Learning (LOL) Courses

Live online communication skills

It can’t be denied: the future of our communication is online. More and more tools are being used to organize discussions online in a proffesional setting. Live online meetings, but also webinars, coaching conversations and even digital therapy sessions are excellent examples.

Organizing and supervising live online sessions requires different skills than the supervision of physical meetings. In addition to technical skills required and the knowledge of the different buttons, it is also about making optimum use of the possibilities that a live online environment offers. Structure, interaction and variation in digital communication are crucial.

Live Online skills training

You can learn Live Online Skills. Learning Connected offers an unique training opportunity for all professionals interested in using live online communicatin skills effective and interactive. Whether you are going to meet, train, coach, present or treat, at Learning Connected you follow a suitable training tailored to your role and goal, naturally live online. Every training is completed with a practical test and theoretical exam. The courses are certified according to the NEN-EN ISO 17024:2012 standard for Personal Certification.

Want to know how our live online courses work? Here we explain what LOL means and how it works.

View the trainings we offer below

Live Online leren (LOL) moderator


Live Online leren (LOL) trainer


Live Online leren (LOL) spreker


Live Online leren (LOL) behandelaar


Live Online leren (LOL) beheerder


Live Online leren (LOL) Coach


Live online leren (LOL) voorzitter


Live online leren (LOL) architect